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Orthopedic Trauma Resources

Orthopaedic Trauma Association (OTA)

OTA serves the public interest by presenting valid knowledge in regards to progressive improvements in trauma recovery for patients. OTA also offers scientific forums, musculoskeletal research and educational information by orthopaedic surgeons.
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Foundation for Orthopedic Trauma (FOT)

FOT offers enlightening insight on orthopaedic traumatology through varies of favorable services based on positive opportunities through the foundation of research and education.
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Orthopaedic Research and Education Foundation

Goal orientated foundation that strives daily to improve lives through exceptional research that is provided by the only independent surgeon-driven organization in the musculoskeletal field.
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The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery (JBJS)

JBJS gives you the ability to learn about orthopedics through helpful tools to make your learning experience personable. The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery offers podcasts, videos, image quizzes and social media so you can learn almost anywhere with your smart phone.
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The International Society for Fracture Repair (ISFR)

A global society whose main involvement is to improvement patient care and inform patients of different methods in facture repair. ISFR offers articles and journal reviews, that have highly rated evidence that advocates facture repair.
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American Trauma Society (ATS)

ATS provides trauma prevention programs, injury prevention programs and critical information on policy making. This useful resource has a live up to date feed of trauma base accidents that is viewable on the homepage.
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