Orthopaedic Trauma

Fracture Specialists & Trauma Care

When you choose OAM, you’ll receive expert care from the largest and most established team of fellowship-trained, board-certified orthopaedic traumatologists available. From acute fracture care to rehabilitation and reconstruction, our specialists set standards for trauma/fracture care around the world. Through research and education, we pioneer and perfect emerging techniques in orthopaedic trauma.


  • Adult and pediatric fracture care
  • Geriatric and osteoporotic fracture care
  • Malunions, delayed unions, and nonunions
  • Periarticular fractures
  • Osteomylitis and infections
  • Foot and ankle trauma
  • Pelvis and acetabular fractures

Our Providers


Learn more about how the OAM Orthopaedics team is leading the research field with new treatments and techniques.

Urgent Trauma Referral

If you are a physician or referring doctor, call (866) 687-2862 for an urgent trauma referral.

Non-Operative Fracture Care

If surgery isn’t the best option for you, our trauma team will help you determine an alternate course of action to help you heal.

Limb Reconstruction & Function

Our trauma specialists serve hospitals and healthcare facilities, including Level I trauma centers, assisting with limb reconstruction and restoring function.

Facts & Outcomes

Check statistics and patient data on postsurgical results and more from the OAM fracture and trauma team.

Orthopedic Trauma Resources

Find links to helpful trauma care information and resources here.