Non-Operative Fracture Care

Non-operative fracture care can be very useful if your injury doesn’t need surgical treatment. Injuries such as fractures and dislocations to the scapula, humerus, wrist, clavicle, hand and foot can be treated non-surgically by using casts, splints and a brace. Casts and splints help with pain and swelling while protecting the injured area from any additional harm. Both casts and splints are usually made from custom-made fiberglass or plaster; however, unlike casts that can only be removed by a physician, splints can be easily adjusted or taken off by the patient. Splints as well as casts hold and protect the injured bones, ligaments and tendons by keeping them as straight as possible. Braces on the other hand take pressure off an unstable joint or fracture and depending on the injury can sometimes be used as a long-term alternative to patient who cannot undergo surgery.