OAM Grand Rapids Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

At Orthopaedic Associates of Michigan (OAM), we have an outstanding reputation in restoring health and mobility to our patients. But all the statistics in the world don’t mean as much as what our patients say about their experience with our care. Take a look at what patients have to say about OAM, and share your own testimonial here »

What Patients Have to Say

Dr. Peter Theut did a total shoulder replacement, and it worked out better than I expected. With his assistant Brent Card you don’t have a worry in the world!

-Michael, August 2022

I recently saw Dr. Randy Russo for an issue I was having with my lower back. I was unsure at first as to how to describe the nature of my discomfort or as to where the pain maybe originating. After Dr. Russo’s examination and probing questions he was able to isolate the issue I was having to the lumbosacral area of the spine. Dr. Russo further explained the degenerative and inflammatory disorders associated with this area of the spine Dr. Russo went on to suggest what therapies and treatments were available that may alleviate my discomfort. After seeing Dr. Russo I was much more reassured and educated on my condition and now feel I have the information necessary to move forward with any health care decisions I may take.

-Paul, September 2022

Dr. Bakeman just replaced both my knees. I can’t express how grateful I am to be pain free in my knees. I would encourage anyone to ask for him to fix knees. He is efficient, courteous and informative, THANKS!!!

-Ross, September 2022

My husband has been a patient at OAM and had a very good experience. This was the first time I have been a patient. Everyone in the office was extremely kind and helpful. I especially liked Dr. Malvitz who entered with a smile, explained my condition thoroughly and told me I did not need surgery. It was a very positive experience and I would highly recommend him and this office!

-Kathy, October 2022

Sarah Syperda has been my at home P.T. as I fractured my shoulder at the end of August. She patiently worked with me, making sure I was able to move my arm and shoulder with as little discomfort as could be. She did not rush the process as many Physical Therapists tend to do. Today I have a lot of movement in my shoulder and continue to improve. I acknowledge the skill of Sarah for my speedy recovery.

-Onalee, November 2022

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Dr. Kory Johnson and Dennis Gregory for hip replacement. You are miracle workers. I can walk, run, skip, and jump again. I had absolutely NO PAIN right after the hip replacement, was up and walking right away with only a couple of weeks using a walker. I recommend Dr. Johnson to everyone.

-Kathy, December 2022

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