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At Orthopaedic Associates of Michigan (OAM), we have an outstanding reputation in restoring health and mobility to our patients. But all the statistics in the world don’t mean as much as what our patients say about their experience with our care. Take a look at what patients have to say about OAM, and share your own testimonial here »

What Patients Have to Say

I was referred to Timothy Henne by my regular doctor who explained that he had referred others to him for knee problems with great results. My initial visit with Dr. Timothy Henne was extremely positive. He is caring, thorough and very personable. I also met one of his physician’s assistants, Rob, at this visit who was super friendly and nice. His entire staff has been a pleasure to work with and took the time needed to deal with this older lady. Dr. Henne also called me while he was on vacation because there were possible complications which he took the time to explain in detail, as he didn’t want to have to delay my surgery. His nurse, Deb, also had a one on one appointment with me and told me that Dr. Henne had actually created the book we were following, which detailed all the various stages of the entire process. Two thumbs up for this incredible doctor and his entire staff!!

-Michelle, July 2021

I would like to say thank you to Dr Bielema and staff. My surgery was July 27, I rode a bike for the first time in over 6 years. Again thank you for doing a great job fixing my knee problems.

-Lorelei, August 2021

Dr. Strong is a gifted surgeon. My hip replacement went smoothly, no problems. I would recommend him 100% of the time. He is patient and respectful of my questions no matter how many times I ask. He is the best!

-Cheryl, September 2021

Very welcoming and friendly team of professionals. Personally worked with a few of the occupational therapists and Dr. Maupin for my wrist injury. Nothing worked until I came to OAM. Great place and people.

-Ryan, September 2021

Dr. Kuz is a great doctor and surgeon. I had great two way conversations and was given all of the options (including doing nothing) before I chose to have surgery. He did a great repair on 3 different injuries on my arm and hand. I recommend him to anyone needing to have a consultation and/or procedure with a hand and arm specialist. Dr. Kuz explained what the injuries were in detail and never pushed surgery but instead laid out the options in detail and what I could expect for each option. I am pleased to acknowledge I am back to normal and doing fine. I am so glad I met Dr. Kuz. The entire staff was also great. Easy to work with, friendly and knowledgeable.

-Gary, September 2021

Katie at the front desk is wonderful. I had a question about my referral for my therapy after my knee replacement. She was so friendly and helpful not only did she take care of it she brought the form down to the Therapy Center in your building. I hope she gets acknowledged for her great patient service.

-Susan, September 2021

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