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At Orthopaedic Associates of Michigan (OAM), we have an outstanding reputation in restoring health and mobility to our patients. But all the statistics in the world don’t mean as much as what our patients say about their experience with our care. Take a look at what patients have to say about OAM, and share your own testimonial here »

What Patients Have to Say

I’m what they call “a frequent flyer” at the practice. So many joints affected. Every single staff member from the desk to the surgeon are so professional and compassionate. Dr. Burgess and P.A. Holly offered non surgical solutions first. When it came to surgery, they explained every step. The receptionist at the Leffingwell MRI (Angela S.) was so calm and understanding. Just what you need when you’re nervous. I recommend this practice to friends and family often.

-Kathy, April 2022

Had a recent appointment with PA Nate Pigorsh for two concerns – one a shoulder, the other a knee. After an informative discussion, we decided on a cortisone injection for the shoulder (which I might add has worked out great), and after discussing the knee pain and x-rays of that knee we will schedule in the near future a knee surgery. Excellent service and much desired information; appreciate the professionalism.

-Dave, March 2022

I am 76 years old and just moved to Grand Rapids one year ago. I have worked with several orthopedic groups in the past but none as accessible and thorough as this group. They are an orthopedic patient’s dream. Bret made me feel like a valuable patient. He listens and he asks the right questions. As I age and pieces and parts have to depart I wouldn’t go anywhere other than OAM.

-Stephen, February 2022

Dr. Harper performed a total knee replacement on my right knee. It changed my life! He is so thorough and compassionate. The entire staff is encouraging and professional, but at the same time, they are very friendly. I can’t say enough good things about them.

-Carolyn, January 2022

When I awoke from surgery, I asked Matt Ricci, P.A.-C., “How did my surgery go?” “Your surgery was perfect.” Those are the words every patient wants to hear! Prior to surgery, I was experiencing severe nerve compression with pain down my leg due to the issue in my back; sometimes I could hardly walk. I haven’t felt a minute of that pain since prior to surgery! When it comes to pre- and post-surgical care, a team is extremely important. Dr. Easton and Matt Ricci make a great team. Either Dr. Easton or Matt were daily at my hospital bedside on morning rounds to check in and see how I was coming along.

I understand everyone’s surgical needs are different. That is why the surgeon one chooses is so important. Even though x-rays show the doctor what to expect, it’s once you are on the operating table that the fine details and decisions of your surgery are made. Dr. Easton has experience, skill and the ability to work well with others on his great team. This combination is outstanding, and he can achieve great outcomes for you like he did for me. But there is more. If you are looking for a doctor who can teach you and help you understand what your issue is, Dr. Easton can do that. If you are looking for a doctor who has a friendly personality and kind bedside manner, then you have found the surgeon you are looking for. Dr. Kenneth Easton is the complete package. He consistently delivers excellent results.

Matt Ricci is an expert in post-surgical care. He thoroughly understood and explained my surgical procedure in terms I could understand and appreciate. He took time in his busy work day to answer all my questions, and I never felt rushed even though I knew he had a very busy schedule. Not only does Matt understand the surgical procedure, he understands post-surgical care and the role and importance of physical therapy in the recovery process. Matt is a great fit on Dr. Easton’s team because he too is a complete package – knowledgeable, kind and caring.

I’m so glad I trusted my care to Dr. Easton and his team, and so thankful for the results they delivered. I am pain-free and at 6 months out from surgery, I have regained flexibility and strength. Combining the surgeon’s skill and my determination to regain strength and flexibility, I have been in the gym and at Apogee Therapy Center (Grandville) since month three, gradually building up to where I am today. At my 6-month visit all restrictions were lifted. I did a flexibility routine for Matt, P.A.-C. and he said he had never in his 22 years of practice seen anyone do what I had done after surgery. He said I was a superstar, but more importantly, you can be one too!

My husband has been a physical therapist for 37 years, and he recommended I go to Dr. Easton for my surgery because he has consistently seen excellent outcomes from Dr. Easton’s patients. As a patient who is extremely thankful for the care of Dr. Easton and his team, I also highly recommend you meet with Dr. Easton to discuss your surgical needs! And as a patient who is extremely thankful for the care of Matt Ricci, P.A.-C., I highly recommend him for your surgical care.

-Sharon, February 2022

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