Limb Reconstruction & Function

Limb Preservation

Traumatic extremities and limb injuries can be very painful and challenging to treat. Complex injuries to the extremities require skilled physicians to reconstruct and salvage these limbs. The orthopedic trauma team at Orthopaedic Associates of Michigan has the experience, expertise and knowledge to tell if a limb is at risk of losing any functionality or if it needs to be amputated. Limb preservation and reconstruction are usually caused by traumatic injuries to limbs or extremities; however, they can also be caused by infection or cancer. Our orthopedic trauma physicians use a variety of specialized surgical techniques and procedures to salvage damaged limbs while restoring and reestablishing function.

Limb Reconstruction

Limb reconstruction may be needed due to deformity, nonunion or osteomyelitis.

  • Deformity: This takes place if a bone fracture heals improperly and may cause chronic pain, restricted mobility and functionality or even disability.
  • Nonunion: This can develop if a bone fracture fails to heal.
  • Osteomyelitis: Bacteria, viruses or parasites that causes an infection of the bone.

Post-Traumatic Reconstruction

Occasionally patients are in need of post-traumatic reconstruction; these patients are referred to Orthopaedic Associates of Michigan because of our Level 1 Trauma Center and highly sought after physicians. Our trauma surgeons are experts in the musculoskeletal system and repairing soft tissue that will give each patient the best chance to have their damage limb return to everyday functionality. The physicians at OAM’s trauma center are the best in their field, and they work with cutting edge technology and techniques to give each patient the best care possible.


Rehabilitation is an ongoing process and may take several months of therapy to get the best possible result; however, since each patient’s rehabilitation is different the recovery time may vary. Rehabilitation is a critical step for each patient in order to get back to their normal day to day lifestyle.