Who We Serve

Six young male soccer players cheering and yelling

Our Goal is Your Game

At OAM Sports Medicine we work with your team, your school, your club, your family, your kids. We work with you. Our passion is your physical performance and health, helping you reach the goals you set for yourself.

Starting You Off Right

With a team of certified primary care physicians who specialize in sports medicine, we offer comprehensive services to support you in your physical activities. Our nutrition counseling, sports physicals and general care can help you on the court, course, trail, field, ice, track or in the pool. Whether you enjoy sports recreationally or compete at the national level, we offer the expertise you need.

Keeping You on Your Game

An active lifestyle means strain, wear and tear in your muscles and joints. OAM Sports Medicine physicians and physical therapists provide personalized, holistic care so you can play and compete at your highest level in the activities you love. Playing for a community, club or for a college, you can trust our team for massage therapy, orthotics, gait analysis, concussion testing and treatment for dislocations or joint pain so you can improve and excel in your sport.

Getting You Back in the Game

When injury occurs, OAM Sports Medicine is on call, ready to repair the damage. As the best sports medical professionals in the region, our certified orthopaedic surgeons are skilled in addressing broken bones, articular cartilage transplant and regeneration, tendon tears, knee injuries and ligament reconstruction. Likewise, our physical therapy, joint injection and PRP injection treatments ensure you recover and heal quickly. And with OAM Sports Medicine locations throughout the area, you get extended access to premier care.

Taking Your Team All the Way

Pacing the sidelines for local events as well as high school, college and university teams, the OAM Sports Medicine doctors are often first responders for any injury or concern. That’s because we believe in using our skills to heighten both the safety and performance of the local community and all of our athletes. If you are interested in starting a team partnership with OAM Sports Medicine or wish to have OAM Sports Medicine at a clinic or event, please contact us.