In order to schedule an appointment please call our main office at 616-459-3900. We are located at 1111 Leffingwell Grand Rapids MI, 49525 and are open 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday.

We encourage you to check with your provider prior to your visit with us if your visit is not as a result of a broken bone or another reason that has you seeing a provider at OAM.
In most cases workers compensation and auto insurance policies will not cover bone health visits.   In these cases if your insurance does not cover this visit we will recommend that you see your primary care physician.
If you are over 50 we recommend 1200mg of calcium per day and 2000 units of Vitamin D per day. This is something you should discuss with the Bone Health Nurse Practitioner at the time of your appointment to ensure you are taking the correct supplements.
Bone density testing will be completed at a location of your choosing outside of your appointment with OAM. OAM does not have the ability to perform bone density testing at this time.