Bone Health Clinic

One of the clinics that we offer at Orthopaedic Associates of Michigan is the Bone Health Clinic. The Bone Health Clinic is devoted to providing comprehensive orthopaedic bone health care; including osteoporosis screening, diagnosis, treatment, therapy, education and research. We strive to promote bone health, reduce fracture risk, accelerate healing and prevent refractors.

Our personalized treatment recommendations are based on individual bone density and laboratory testing as well as comprehensive evaluations. The Bone Health Clinic at OAM works with an expert medical team and a vast array of resources to help find the right solution for you.

Easy Referrals

At the Bone Health Clinic referrals has never been easier. Patients can receive their personal evaluation by:

  • Hospital
  • Another OAM Center of Excellence
  • Primary Care Referral
  • Self-Referral

Contact Our Clinic Today

If you have questions about better bone health, would like a second opinion concerning fracture treatment and care, or would like to schedule a bone density test, please call our main office at 616-459-3900.