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Carpal Tunnel: Definitions, Degrees, and Demystifications


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is misunderstood. You don’t get it from using a computer, and it’s not an incurable disease you’re forced to life with for the rest of your life. Let’s start from the beginning. What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, or CTS, occurs when the tendon — that goes through the wrist [...]

Carpal Tunnel: Definitions, Degrees, and Demystifications2023-04-06T12:49:18-05:00

Foot Pain: Common Causes and Prevention Tips


It’s everybody’s problem Foot pain is a common problem. In fact, a recent report in the New York Times states that 75 percent of Americans experience foot pain at some point in their lives. Unfortunately, the fact that everybody has it doesn’t make it any less troublesome when yours is the painful foot. As providers [...]

Foot Pain: Common Causes and Prevention Tips2023-09-12T12:18:33-05:00

Four Tips for Healthy Lifting


Back injury? You’re not alone. No one is immune to back and spine injury — and improper lifting habits are among the primary contributors to these injuries, both at home and in the workplace. Whether you occasionally move furniture or boxes around your house or you’re a new parent who continually lifts an infant car [...]

Four Tips for Healthy Lifting2023-04-06T12:41:21-05:00

Frozen Shoulder Syndrome – Diagnosis, Prevention and Treatment


Frozen shoulder syndrome (FSS), medically called adhesive capsulitis, is a condition in which the joint capsule becomes inflamed, making the joint stiff and difficult to move. The condition occurs generally on one side, and can be frustrating to patients due to the constant pain, restricted movement of the shoulder (leading to less use of the [...]

Frozen Shoulder Syndrome – Diagnosis, Prevention and Treatment2023-03-30T12:47:11-05:00

Got Milk? Well, Actually, You Don’t.


Heart disease and cancer typically top the list of health risks to try to prevent. But bone loss, too often, doesn’t make the cut. “Rarely do people get enough calcium throughout the day,” says OAM nurse practitioner and orthopaedic bone specialist Tammy Beckett. In fact, most of her patients take in only a third of [...]

Got Milk? Well, Actually, You Don’t.2023-09-11T14:36:51-05:00

Know Your Sport Well. Know Your Sport Injuries Better.


As the fall sports season approaches, it’s important to not only understand the risk of injuries associated with your sport, but also how to protect yourself against them. OAM sports medicine specialist, Dr. Thomas Matelic, discusses common sports injuries and provides a few prevention tips for a safe, successful season. In football and soccer, injuries [...]

Know Your Sport Well. Know Your Sport Injuries Better.2023-03-30T12:45:00-05:00

Learning About Osteoporosis Risk Factors We Can Control


Do We Really Understand the Risk Factors? We’ve all heard about osteoporosis. Many of us relate it to a disease that plagues older women – perhaps our mothers or grandmothers. Those of us who are younger may consider it an “older person’s disease,” and though it strikes as we grow older there are many things [...]

Learning About Osteoporosis Risk Factors We Can Control2023-03-30T12:44:13-05:00

No Pain, No Gain – Working Out with Joint Pain


“No pain, no gain,” we have all heard this statement before. Whether our gym teacher yelled it during class or our coaches screamed it across the football field, many of us have lived with this statement to always push ourselves past the point of pain to improve our game or to lose more weight, gain [...]

No Pain, No Gain – Working Out with Joint Pain2023-04-06T12:43:11-05:00

Osteoporosis Gardening Safety Tips


With spring comes warmer weather and the gardening season is upon us.  When we set aside enough time for gardening we really see results. We can stand back and watch plants grow and bloom knowing it was our green thumb that made it happen. Osteoporosis shouldn’t stop you from enjoying this activity. Based on information [...]

Osteoporosis Gardening Safety Tips2023-03-30T12:42:38-05:00

7 Steps to a Healthy Back and Spine


Give your back the attention it deserves. No matter how health conscious you are, you probably don’t think about your spine health on a daily basis. But the truth is, your back is the main support system for your body. It allows you to sit, stand, turn, bend and bear weight. If you injure your [...]

7 Steps to a Healthy Back and Spine2023-03-30T12:53:35-05:00