If you think you may be claustrophobic, please advise the clinical/nursing staff – they will talk to your doctor, and you may be prescribed medication that is to be taken prior to your exam. If you do receive medication, please bring someone with you that can drive you home, as you will be unable to drive yourself.
You do have choices. If you did not have any sedation medication, your physician can prescribe some for you, and we will reschedule your test so you can try again. Otherwise, if you are very claustrophobic you can be rescheduled at another location so that your MRI exam can either be done in a slightly larger machine or with sedation through an IV.
No. The entire room that houses the actual MRI machine is exposed to the magnetic field. Therefore no outside items are allowed inside. However you may bring your own CD’s or we have a small selection of our own for you to use. Please remember some exams make the headphones unavailable.
The day of your exam you may eat and drink normally, and even take your medication. In fact, the exam will be much more comfortable if you keep taking your medication. If you are having contrast dye injected with your exam there are a few medications we may have you quit taking in the days prior to your exam, but the clinical staff will advise you on that. You may wear loose fitting clothing that is metal free if you would feel more comfortable in your own clothing; otherwise, we have alternate clothing for you to change into if your clothing does contain metal. You will have paperwork that needs to be completed prior to your examination, so we advise you to show up 20 minutes ahead of time.

**Please note**

Metal objects not made of iron or steel can interfere with your exam. Colored contacts will need to be removed. Hair pins, jewelry, coins, watches, keys, dentures or partial plates, cell phones, bank/credit cards (magnetic waves can erase anything with a magnetic strip) and/or hearing aids are a few examples of what we will ask you to remove. A secure locker will be provided for you to place your belongings.

The average complete MRI scan will take between 20-60 minutes, with the average exam lasting approximately 40 minutes. This is the time for one exam – if multiple scans are ordered, the time will be lengthened. During this time, 100+ pictures will be taken.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact the MRI unit directly at 616-464-6175 and we will be happy to help you.