What To Expect During Your Radiology Exam


When you arrive at OAM for a visit with one of our physicians, you may receive a radiologic exam. This typically occurs before you see the physician. The images will be viewed prior and possibly during your exam. To make the exam more convenient for you, be sure to wear clothing without metal zippers, belts, rivets or metal stitching. Exercise gear is great for post-surgery exams. Please remove all jewelry and body piercings.

Be sure to alert the Radiographer if you have any internal stimulators or implants. This is for your own safety.

You Radiographer will call you from the waiting room, introduce themselves and guide you into an x-ray room. There they will explain the exam and ask if you have any questions. You will then be positioned in front of an x-ray tube, where a light will shine on the body part being radiated. A lead shield will be offered if it does not interfere with the exam. Once the exam is concluded, you will be guided back to the waiting room.