What is Physical Medicine

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R), also called physiatry, is a branch of medicine emphasizing the prevention, diagnosis and non-operative treatment of disorders especially in relation to nerves, muscles, bones and joints.

Physical Medicine Services

Patients with acute back or neck pain often believe surgery is their only option.  But the physicians at the OAM Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Center have assembled an entire team of specialists skilled in non-operative diagnostic and treatment procedures who are committed to increasing patient options and reducing the need for surgery.

Our highly trained physicians have performed over 25,000 EMGs and over 50,000 spinal injections over the years and we pride ourselves on the professional relationships that they share with each patient.  Our physicians spend the necessary time with each patient to thoroughly understand their unique problem and/or concerns.

What We Offer

  • On site diagnostics such as EMG, spinal injections, Xray and MRI to help identify the source of pain.
  • Our physicians are specifically trained to co-ordinate a team approach that may include your PCP, surgeons, therapists and other specialties.
  • PMR doctors work on a daily basis w the largest /finest group of spine surgeons and they are a seamless unit.
  • Physicians and staff spend quality time getting to know patients- their lifestyles and goals-to better understand individual treatment needs and offer more viable options.
  • Leaders in the insurance industry have recognized OAM for helping reduce back surgery rates thus keeping costs down.

Independent medical exams (IMEs)

IME is an independent medical evaluation. This is typically scheduled by someone’s insurance company or attorney. This evaluation is an unbiased and accurate assessment of someone’s injury or condition to provide a diagnosis, possible treatment recommendations, or that the individual has reached maximum medical improvement.

IME Request Form