Diagnostic and Therapeutic Injections FAQ

We would like you to have a driver for your first injection.
We do not sedate patients prior to the injection. If you are anxious about the injection, please discuss this with the nursing staff at the time of scheduling your appointment.
You will be taken into the injection suite. You will be lying on your stomach; unless you are having a hip injection then you will be on your back. The physician will sanitize the section of your back where the injection will be inserted. He will then numb the injection site. The physician will then use dye to outline the correct position of the injections. He will then inject cortisone and numbing medication. We will have you stay in the recovery room to monitor you for a short time after the injection.
You will need to stop taking blood thinners prior to the injection; however, you may take other medication prior to the injections.
There are no physical restrictions. You may not soak in a tub, hot tub, or pool 48 hours after the injection, but you may shower.
Cortisone, contrast dye and local anesthetic.
Since we are using a live x-ray, we do not allow family members into the injection suite.
We recommend dark, loose fitting clothing.
This will need to be discussed with your physician. Typically, we allow up to 4 injections within a 6 month period.

It is common to have pain or a pain “flare up” 24-48 hours after the injection.