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If you are interested in seeing one of our physicians, please contact us at 616-459-3900 to schedule an appointment. Please make sure you have your insurance information ready when you call. If you are a new patient we ask you to arrive 30 minutes early to register with your insurance card and driver’s license in hand and any previous records or x-rays. If you would like to know if we participate with your insurance, see the link below. Please be aware that your insurance may require you to have a referral sent first from your primary care provider. You may want to check with your insurance first to see if this pertains to you.

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Second Opinion

A second opinion means that you have already received treatment from a different provider on the same body part you wish to be seen for. This includes previous surgeries or extended non-surgical treatment from a physician. If this is for a second opinion, please gather all of your previous records and radiology reports prior to calling our office to set up your appointment. These records may need to be reviewed by our physician before setting up the appointment date.

Referring Physicians

Please use the referral request form when referring a new patient to our office and attach all of the patient records along with their coordination of care document to their referral. Please note if radiology images were completed outside of the Spectrum or Metro health system the patient will need to hand carry the images to their appointment. OAM is also part of the Great Lakes Health Connect so feel free to request an appointment via their website at as well.

Urgent Referrals

For urgent referrals to our OAM NOW Clinic or referrals that need to be seen same or next business day, please fax the referral and also call the office at 616-459-3900 to ensure the referral is expedited appropriately.

Insurance Participation List

Referral Request Form