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Custom Orthotics / Orthopaedic Medical Equipment

OAM offers patient-ready and custom-made braces and supportive devices to improve your comfort, healing, and treatment outcome. If your OAM physician prescribes a patient-ready orthotic device, we are conveniently located on-site at the Leffingwell campus and see walk-in patients. As well, patients coming from our other locations for patient-ready devices do not need an appointment. We are in close communication with your OAM physician, so if an issue arises, we are able to resolve it quickly.

These orthoses are designed to correct posture, displace pressure, add compression, and/or restrict or correct movement, all of which help to provide you with pain relief. They may be prescribed as support for daily or athletic activities and prevention of further injury, or prescribed post-surgery to restrict movement & help healing. We have carefully selected a comprehensive collection of ready-to-fit devices for your neck down to your toes, including:

  • For your neck – rigid and soft cervical collars
  • For your back – braces of varying sizes to support any area of your spine
  • For your knee – preventative (prophylactic) or post-injury functional braces
  • For your ankle – braces with varied levels of support
  • For your elbow, knee or hip – post-operative stabilization braces

What happens during my visit?

If you are prescribed a ready-to-fit orthoses, our team will take measurements, select a device best suited to your needs, and ensure it fits properly. We will also show you how to put it on and take it off correctly, and answer any questions you may have to ensure you are confident with the device before leaving the office.

If you are prescribed a custom orthoses, our team will make an appointment with our orthotist for you. At your evaluation, we will ask for your input and create an individualized treatment plan. Most likely during this visit, you will either be measured, scanned, or have an impression taken for a custom orthosis. A second appointment will be scheduled, at which you will be fit with the orthosis and any necessary adjustments will be made. We will also show you how to put it on and take it off correctly, and answer any questions you may have to ensure you are confident with the custom device before leaving the office. You are welcome to return for adjustments at any time, at no charge.

Our department is staffed by a well-qualified team, including a Board Certified Orthotist and Certified Occupational Therapy Assistants.

The evaluation is free?

Yes, your office visits with our department are free. We only charge for the orthoses, and the majority of the items we provide are eligible for insurance coverage. We make every attempt to check benefits and give you the most accurate estimate possible prior to providing services. Please be aware that payment at the time of service is required.