Independent Medical Exams

Independent Medical Exams (IMEs) are typically scheduled by an individual’s insurance carrier, employer or attorney. This evaluation is an unbiased and accurate assessment of someone’s injury or condition to provide a diagnosis, possible treatment recommendations, or determination that the individual has reached maximum medical improvement. The typical turnaround time for a report is 7-14 business days.

The following board certified Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Specialists accept IME cases:

PLEASE NOTE: To access a physician’s CV, go to his personal profile by using the applicable link provided above.

To request an IME, please complete both the IME Request Form and the IME Agreement Form.
To request a deposition, please complete the Deposition Request Form.
If you are requesting both an IME and a deposition, you will need to complete all three forms.

PLEASE NOTE: Medical records and other pertinent documents must be supplied in paper form and mailed to:
IME Department
Orthopaedic Associates of Michigan
1111 Leffingwell Ave. NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49525

For questions, email