De Quervain’s Release

Surgery opens the fibrous sheath to allow more room for the tendons to move and glide. Surgery is an outpatient procedure and preformed with local anesthetic with sedation, and takes 15-30 minutes.

Risk of Surgery

  • Delayed incision healing
  • Stiffness of thumb
  • Numbness or sensitivity of the scar
  • Infection or excessive bleeding
  • Sensory nerve injury
  • Recurrence

What to Expect After Surgery

  • Incision and sutures
  • A splint will be applied at surgery for comfort
  • Tenderness is common after surgery
  • Temporary numbness to the back of thumb
  • Move all the fingers not in the splint

First Post-Operative Office Check

  • 10-14 days after surgery
  • All dressings and sutures removed
  • Receive a thumb splint
  • Slowly start range of motion
  • Scar massage once skin incision healed