Cubital tunnel syndrome

Surgery releases the compression on the nerve. The nerve is sometimes transposed around the medical epicondyle. Surgery is an outpatient procedure and performed under general anesthetic, and takes 60-90 minutes.

Risk of Surgery

  • Delayed incision healing
  • Numbness or sensitivity at the scar
  • Infection or excessive bleeding
  • Irreversible nerve injury
  • Recurrence or incomplete resolution

What to Expect After Surgery

  • Incision and sutures
  • An elbow splint may be applied at surgery
  • Tenderness is common after surgery
  • Swelling/bruising of the forearm and elbow
  • Move all the fingers immediately after surgery

First Post-Operative Office Check

  • 10-14 days after surgery
  • All dressings and sutures removed as needed
  • Receive an elbow splint
  • A rehabilitation program often involving a occupational therapist, helps you regain movement and strength
  • Scar massage once skin incision healed