Peter Theut, MD

Peter Theut, MD Dr. Theut is a board-certified, fellowship-trained orthopaedic surgeon specializing in the treatment of athletes of all ages. He has a special interest in arthroscopy and reconstruction of the knee and shoulder. Dr. Theut is part of the clinical faculty for Grand Valley State University, Michigan State University College of [...]

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James Stubbart, MD

James Stubbart, MD Dr. Stubbart specializes in surgical and nonsurgical treatment of spinal disorders and orthopaedic trauma. From physical therapy and pain management to radiology and electrodiagnostic medicine, Dr. Stubbart and the OAM team at the Spine Center can provide comprehensive evaluation and treatment of a wide range of neck and back issues. [...]

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Randy Russo, MD

Randy Russo, MD Dr. Randolph Russo specializes in the diagnosis and non-surgical management of spine, sports and musculoskeletal disorders. Following completion of his residency, he extended his skills with the completion of a musculoskeletal and spine fellowship at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. He has extensive training in the performance of diagnostic [...]

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Scott Russo, MD

Scott Russo, MD Dr. Scott Russo specializes in the surgical and non-surgical treatment of spinal disorders and orthopaedic fracture care. He is accomplished in all areas of cervical, thoracic and lumbar spinal surgeries, including trauma, tumors, degenerative conditions, scoliosis and herniated discs. His subspecialty of interest is in the non-surgical and [...]

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Patrick Ronan, MD

Patrick Ronan, MD Dr. Ronan provides non-surgical treatment of spinal conditions and has professional interests in sports medicine, musculoskeletal injuries and industrial medicine. With previous work in rehabilitation, occupational assessment and workers’ compensation, Dr. Ronan has a multifaceted lens of knowledge to apply to many patient experiences. His skills help not only injured [...]

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Randal Palmitier, MD

Randal Palmitier, MD Dr. Palmitier specializes in all non-surgical musculoskeletal problems and has a special interest in spinal problems. From his residency in Seattle to his sports medicine fellowship at the Mayo Clinic in Minnasota and a spine fellowship in Philadelphia, Dr. Palmitier has traveled the country for his medical career. For the [...]

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Steve Naum, MD

Steve Naum, MD Dr. Naum specializes in general hand surgery, endoscopic carpal tunnel surgery, arthritis surgery, wrist arthroscopy, reconstruction of complex wounds and traumatic injuries. He is also trained in post-trauma plastic surgery and reconstructive microsurgery of the upper extremity, lower extremity, head and neck. He is active in the reconstruction and restoration [...]

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B. Kent Maupin, MD

B. Kent Maupin, MD Dr. Maupin is a local leader in orthopaedic and hand surgery. His areas of expertise include problems and treatment of the peripheral nerve, arthritis of the hand and upper extremity, shoulder surgery and joint replacement. Dr. Maupin also has over 25 years of experience in rheumatoid hand management, and [...]

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Thomas Matelic, MD

Thomas Matelic, MD Dr. Matelic specializes in the prevention and treatment of injuries in athletes of all ages. With a focus on sports medicine, arthroscopy and reconstructive surgery, including ligament reconstruction, cartilage restoration and joint replacement.  His goal is to help patients maintain active, productive and enjoyable lifestyles. Dr. Matelic serves as team [...]

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John Maskill, MD

John Maskill, MDDr. Maskill specializes in comprehensive foot and ankle treatment and reconstruction. His active involvement in research projects, publications and presentations on a local, national and international level puts him at the forefront in his field. As a resident teacher and mentor at the Grand Rapids Medical Education and Research Center, he [...]

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