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John G. Anderson

John G. Anderson, MD

Dr. Anderson specializes in comprehensive treatment of foot and ankle disorders, including conservative and surgical care.
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Mark S. Asperheim

Mark S. Asperheim, MD

Dr. Asperheim has a fellowship in pediatric orthopaedics and also specializes in sports medicine, trauma, and adult knee and shoulder surgery.
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James E. Bakeman

James E. Bakeman, MD

Dr. Bakeman specializes in knee reconstruction, knee and hip replacement, sports medicine and general orthopaedic surgery.
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David J. Bielema

David J. Bielema, MD

Dr. Bielema specializes in total joint arthroplasty, lower extremity reconstruction, trauma care, adult and pediatric fracture care.
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Donald R. Bohay

Donald R. Bohay, MD, FACS

Dr. Bohay specializes in foot and ankle reconstruction, trauma and deformity, including bunions, hammertoes, painful flat feet, arthritis, diabetic foot, sports injuries and complex deformity.
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J. Todd Brown

J. Todd Brown, DO

Dr. Brown specializes in the surgical treatment of spinal disorders. He is accomplished in all areas of cervical, thoracic and lumbar spinal surgeries, including herniated discs, spinal stenosis and spinal fractures.
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Scott D. Burgess

Scott D. Burgess, MD

Returning to West Michigan after his Specialty Fellowship in Hand and Microsurgery at Mary S. Stern at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center....Read More
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Mark R. DeHaan

Mark R. DeHaan, MD

Dr. DeHaan attended medical school in his native Chicago, eventually completing a plastic surgery residency in Grand Rapids....Read More
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Robert L. DeMaagd

Robert L. DeMaagd, MD

Dr. DeMaagd specializes in the surgical and non-surgical treatment of a myriad of bone and joint conditions in individuals of all ages....Read More
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Viet H. Do

Viet H. Do, MD

Dr. Viet Do's areas of expertise include surgical, nonsurgical and rehabilitative therapies to heal injuries, reduce pain and correct disorders of the finger, hand, wrist, and elbow.
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Kenneth J. Easton

Kenneth J. Easton, MD

Dr. Easton specializes in the surgical treatment of cervical, thoracic and lumbar spinal disorders....Read More
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James R. Ellis

James R. Ellis, MD

Dr. Ellis specializes in physical medicine and rehabilitation, electrodiagnostic medicine and pain management. He is board certified in all three areas. ...Read More
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Terrence J. Endres

Terrence J. Endres, MD

Dr. Endres specializes in trauma and reconstructive services, adult and pediatric fracture care.
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Erik C. Hedlund

Erik C. Hedlund, DO

As a fellowship-trained orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Hedlund specializes in shoulder and knee reconstruction. ...Read More
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Michael R.F. Jabara

Michael R.F. Jabara, MD

Dr. Jabara specializes in sports medicine and orthopaedic surgery, including the evaluation of bone and joint injuries; shoulder and knee arthroscopy; ractures and joint reconstruction....Read More
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Clifford B. Jones

Clifford B. Jones, MD

Dr. Jones specializes in trauma, adult and pediatric fracture care, infections, osteomyelitis, amputations, nonunions, malunions, pelvic fractures, acetabular fractures, periarticular fractures, spine problems, and foot and ankle trauma. ...Read More
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Kenneth M. Kozlow

Kenneth M. Kozlow, MD

Dr. Kozlow is a fellowship-trained Spine Specialist.
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Julian E. Kuz

Julian E. Kuz, MD

A Minnesota native, Dr. Kuz's professional interests include problems and surgery of the wrist, elbow and shoulder, joint replacement, and surgery of the hand including reconstruction after trauma or arthritis. Sports injuries, reconstructing elbow and wrist injuries for stiffness, and children's hand conditions are also areas of special attention for Dr. Kuz.
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Thomas A. Malvitz

Thomas A. Malvitz, MD

Dr. Malvitz specializes in total joint replacement.
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Robert S. Marsh

Robert S. Marsh, DO

Dr. Marsh completed his fellowship study under OAM Foot & Ankle specialists, Dr. John Anderson and Dr. Donald Bohay. Prior to that, he served as team physician in Lansing during his residency at the Michigan State University Ingham Regional Medical Center.
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John D. Maskill

John D. Maskill, MD

Dr. Maskill specializes in comprehensive foot and ankle treatment and reconstruction.
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Thomas M. Matelic

Thomas M. Matelic, MD

Dr. Matelic specializes in the prevention and treatment of injuries in athletes of all ages. ...Read More
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B. Kent Maupin

B. Kent Maupin, MD

Originally from Illinois, Dr. Maupin has been a West Michigan resident since 1981. Dr. Maupin has extensive experience in Orthopaedic and Hand Surgery. ...Read More
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Steve C. Naum

Steve C. Naum, MD

A native of West Michigan, Dr. Naum is interested in many facets of his profession, such as general hand surgery, wrist arthroscopy,...Read More
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Randal A. Palmitier

Randal A. Palmitier, MD

Dr. Palmitier specializes in all non-surgical musculoskeletal problems and has a special interest in spinal problems.
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James R. Ringler

James R. Ringler, MD

Dr. Ringler specializes in trauma and reconstructive services, adult and pediatric fracture care.
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Patrick G. Ronan

Patrick G. Ronan, MD

Dr. Ronan provides non-surgical treatment of spinal conditions, as well as sports medicine, musculoskeletal and industrial injuries. ...Read More
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Randolph B. Russo

Randolph B. Russo, MD

Dr. Randolph Russo specializes in the diagnosis and non-surgical management of spine, sports and other musculoskeletal disorders....Read More
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Scott S. Russo

Scott S. Russo, MD

Dr. Scott Russo specializes in the surgical and non-surgical treatment of spinal disorders and orthopaedic fracture care. ...Read More
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William W. Schwab

William W. Schwab, MD, FACS

Dr. Schwab specializes in sports medicine and the treatment of athletes of all levels, from youth to professional. ...Read More
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James R. Stubbart

James R. Stubbart, MD

Dr. Stubbart specializes in the operative and non-operative treatment of spinal disorders and orthopaedic trauma.
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John C Tanner, III

John C Tanner, III, MD

Dr. Tanner brings a breadth of experience in orthopaedics, including research, instruction and the application of biotechnology.
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Peter C. Theut

Peter C. Theut, MD

Dr. Theut is a board-certified, sports medicine fellowship-trained orthopaedic surgeon specializing in the treatment of athletes of all ages. ...Read More
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Randy  Barnes

Randy Barnes, PA-C

Randy has been a PA-C over 20 years. The orthotrauma team is where he applies his extensive knowledge and skills, where he enjoys seeing patients with catastrophic injuries recover to full function.

Tammy  Beckett

Tammy Beckett, NP

William  Brinkmeier

William Brinkmeier, PA-C

Bill works in the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation sections with doctors Palmitier and Ellis for the last 17 years as a physician assistant.
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Brent  Card

Brent Card, PA-C

Brent works with Dr's Theut and Matelic for the Sports Medicine Institute with specialty training in shoulder arthroscopy, arthroplasty and ACL reconstruction.
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Sarah A. Grant

Sarah A. Grant, PA-C

Sarah Grant is a physician assistant specializing in the foot and ankle department.
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Dennis  Gregory

Dennis Gregory, PA-C

Dennis is a graduate of Grand Valley State University with Masters Physician Assistant Studies 2002.
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Holly  Gustafson

Holly Gustafson, PA-C

Holly Gustafson is a board certified physician assistant who specializes in orthopedics (joint reconstruction and sports medicine). A former Atlantic-10, Division I athlete, she obtained her undergraduate degree in Health Sciences (Biology & Psychology) and further went on to obtain her Master’s Degree in Physician Assistant, at Duquesne University, in Pittsburgh, PA. ...Read More

Timothy  Hunter

Timothy Hunter, PA-C

Tim is a board certified physician assistant working closely with the physicians at the Sports Medicine Institute specializing in sports related injuries and reconstructive surgery.
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David  Kaminski

David Kaminski, PA-C

David has 14 years experience with OAM especially working with Drs. Jabara, Asperheim, Theut, Schwab and Maskill.
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Meredith  Kent

Meredith Kent, MS, PA-C

Meredith Kent, MS, PA-C has worked with Dr. DeHaan in the Hand and Upper Extremity Center since 2008.
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Justin  Miller

Justin Miller, PA-C

Justin is a certified physician assistant, working with Dr Kozlow.
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Tim  Mullen

Tim Mullen, PhD, OTR, CHT

Tim has dedicated his career to the treatment of upper extremity dysfunction.
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Michael  Parniske

Michael Parniske, PA-C

After graduating from GVSU PA school and MSU surgical residency in ’05, Michael Parinske has been working side by side with Dr. Stubbart in the OAM Spine Center.
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Nate  Pigorsh

Nate Pigorsh, PA-C

Nate utilizes his 10 years of orthopedic experience to diagnose and treat fractures, sports injuries, joint disease and more in the office setting.
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Valeri  Rusco

Valeri Rusco, PA-C

After obtaining a Masters degree from Western Michigan University, Valeri Rusco worked in the Emergency Department for four years.
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Matthew  Ricci

Matthew Ricci, PA-C

Matt has been with Orthopaedic Associates of Michigan since 2001 after graduating from Grand Valley State University with a Masters Degree in Physician Assistant Studies.
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Debra  Sietsema

Debra Sietsema, PhD, RN

Debra Sietsema specializes in evidence-based research regarding bone health and orthopaedic studies at OAM.
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Brent   VanDyke

Brent VanDyke, PA-C

Brent W. VanDyke has been with OAM since 2001 working in the Sports Medicine Institute.
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Kevin  Vardon, MS, PA-C

Kevin Vardon, MS, PA-C

Kevin is a physician assistant who works with Dr. Erik Hedlund at our OAM Sports Medicine Institute.
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Kenneth A Waterson

Kenneth A Waterson, PA-C

Ken Waterson is a certified physician assistant, working with Dr. Malvitz.
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Matthew  Weigle

Matthew Weigle, PA-C

Matt is a physician assistant who works with Dr. Bielema specializing in total joint replacement and trauma.

Emily  Mersman

Emily Mersman, PA-C

Emily Mersman has been an orthopaedic Physician Assistant since 2007. A former NCAA Division I athlete, Emily has a special interest in sports medicine.
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Kevin  Wiersum

Kevin Wiersum, MPAS, PA-C

Kevin is a Physician Assistant specializing in spine care.
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